Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and

I learn.

-Benjamin Franklin


The mission of the Early Intervention Research Group (EIRG) is to support and enhance early development of infants and toddlers. The following goals guide this mission: to empower families to implement effective early intervention strategies, to increase implementation of evidence-based and family-centered practices in early intervention, and to understand the best ways to adapt and customize intervention strategies based on child and family characteristics.

The EIRG is led by Megan Roberts, PhD, CCC-SLP.


We are looking for families who are interested in participating in our research! Fill out this survey to help us learn more about you and your child.

Stories, Tips and Success
July 7, 2020

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

We, the members of the EIRG, are committed to speaking out and taking action against the unjust, devastating hatred and violence that the Black community has suffered from for more than 400 years. We are committed to creating a research environment that is safe, supportive, and inclusive for our staff, research partners, and BIPOC families.

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May 29, 2020

Research Round-Up

On today’s blog we summarize research about the efficacy of umbilical cord infusion for the treatment of children with ASD, using parent concerns to differentiate between developmental diagnoses, and the effect of educator professional developmental programs on children’s skills.

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