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News and Events

Webinar on Family-Guided Routines-Based Intervention

Dr. Juliann Woods is hosting a webinar to help EI providers learn approaches to empower parents and caregivers with the right tools for their children.

The talk is titled “Family-Guided Routines-Based Intervention and Coaching in Early Intervention” and will take place on Tuesday, December 5th from 1-3pm ET. There is an additional option to watch the webinar on your own time. The webinar is being offered for ASHA CEUs and EI credits.

A description of the course:

“This webinar will highlight the integration of adult learning and family-centered principles as the foundation for organizing a home visit that supports family decision-making, participation, and parent-provider partnership in early intervention. Family-guided routines-based intervention incorporates a flexible framework for home visiting that includes four components: setting the stage, observation and opportunities to embed, problem-solving and planning, and reflection and review. Within each component, SLPs can incorporate coaching strategies to support the caregiver in embedding communication intervention within the child’s everyday routines and activities.”

Please visit the ASHA store page to register.