For Parents

For Parents

Stacking Blocks Set with Sorting Shapes

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Bright colors, convenient storage, and a variety of play ideas make these stacking blocks a great toy for any toddler! Please see the introductory page here to learn more about the different play levels and which one may be most appropriate for your child. As always, have fun following your child’s lead and playing together!

Simple play:

  • Taking the blocks apart.
  • Crashing the tower of blocks.
  • Putting the shapes in their correct holes on the shape-sorter lid.

Combination play:

  • Nesting the blocks back together.
  • Stacking the blocks and making a tower.
  • Dropping items into the top of the tower.
  • Pushing the shapes through the slots.

Beginning imaginary play:

  • Building a tower and using a car, puppet, or toy animal to knock it down.
  • Use the blocks as houses and have little animals or people go inside and go to sleep.
  • Use the blocks as garages and have little cars go inside and go to sleep.

Here are some words you can use while doing the play actions above:

  • We’re making a tower.
  • The block is on top.
  • The blocks fell down.
  • The circle is in.
  • The triangle came out.
  • You dropped the shapes in.
  • The car crashed the tower.
  • The cat climbed the tower.
  • The girl is inside her house.