For Parents

For Parents

Spin Again!

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This is one of our go-to toys for children who are just beginning to engage with toys or for our children with autism who love to watch things spin!  It is simple, colorful, sturdy, and oh-so-fun.  The spinning rings are a definite attention-grabber, and this toy allows us to help turn spinning into functional play.  We find that this toy doesn’t lend itself to complex play and best suits children who are primarily using simple and combination play (using two objects together in play).  Some suggested words to use during play are included in parentheses.  Make sure to check out our general play strategies here and have fun!

Simple Play:

  • Roll the rings on the ground. (Ring. It’s rolling.)
  • Your child can watch you put the rings on the pole and help choose which ring to put on next.
  • After all of the rings are on the pole, you can pull the pole up vertically so that the rings are left standing in a tower. Your child can then have fun knocking them over! (You crashed the tower. It came down)
  • Pull the pole off the base, flip it upside down, and watch the rings spin down and fall on the floor. (They came off.)
  • As the rings are spinning down, you and your child can flick them to make them go faster. (The rings are spinning. They are going fast!)


Combination Play:

  • Have your child put the rings on the pole and watch them spin down. You can always provide hand-over-hand help if needed. (The ring is on. It’s on the pole.)
  • Thread the rings through a piece of cloth, such as a blankie. (You’re pulling the blanket. It came through.)