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For Parents

School Bus

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Vehicles are always a great addition to any toy collection. A great vehicle toy, like this school bus, can be a part of your child’s play through many stages of growth and development. From simply pushing the bus across the floor, to complex play schemes with children getting on and off as they go to school, this toy will not be outgrown quickly. Please see the introductory page here to learn more about the different play levels and which one may be most appropriate for your child. As always, get creative and follow your child’s lead!

Just a little note of advice…take the batteries out for increased parent enjoyment 😉

Simply Play:

  • Roll the bus across the floor.
  • Open and close the doors of the bus.
  • Roll the bus down a ramp.
  • Singing “Wheels on the Bus” as the child pushes the bus.


Combination Play:

  • Take people in and out of the bus
    • When your child is young they can drop people in from the top, as their fine motor skills develop, they can walk them through the doors.
  • Build a road out of blocks, board books or Magnatiles to drive the bus down.
  • Crash the bus into a tower to knock it down.
  • Race two different vehicles across the floor or down a ramp made of books, cardboard or the backside of a puzzle.
  • Build a “garage” to park the bus out of a box, pillows, or under furniture.


Advanced Play:

  • Put people in the bus and bring them to school.
  • Build bus stops and have people wait for the bus.
  • Take people in the bus and drop them off at different locations, such as the pool, the store, or each of their homes. (You can build all of these with other play materials)
    • To expand this even further, you could have people running late for the bus, will they be able to catch it?
  • Pretend to fix the bus with tools.
  • Pretend to wash it with a washcloth and spray bottle or even have a car wash.