For Parents

For Parents

Salad Spinner

One of our top favorite household items to use as a toy is the salad spinner! See some play and language ideas below. You can use the introductory page here to learn more about the different play levels and which one may be most appropriate for your child. As always, get creative and follow your child’s lead!

Simple Play:

  • Push the buttons on the top of the salad spinner to start and stop the spinning. (You pushed it. It’s spinning. It stopped.)
  • Put the top on the salad spinner. (Lid. The lid is on.)
  • Take the top off of the salad spinner. (The lid came off. It’s open.)
  • Take the basket in and out of the spinner. (The basket is in. It came out.)

Combination Play:

  • Put toys/balls/puzzle pieces (pretty much anything that fits) in the salad spinner and watch it spin. (The ball is in. The pieces are spinning. They’re spinning fast!)
  • Use the basket in the sink or a sandbox. You can sift through the water or sand to get toys or other items in the basket. (The basket is full. The toys are covered. We’re shaking the basket. You found a toy!)

Advanced Play:

  • Pretend the salad spinner is a washing machine. (My clothes are wet. The soap is in the machine. The socks are spinning. We’re washing the clothes. Now my shirt is dry.)
  • Pretend the salad spinner is an amusement park ride or a merry-go-round. You can put pretend people and animals in the salad spinner and give them a ride. (The tiger climbed in. The girl is sitting. The animals are having fun. The people are spinning fast. The ride stopped.)