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For Parents

Nesting and Sorting Garages

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Nesting blocks are a popular childhood toy, and these are one of our favorite sets! They are made of cardboard which means they are not quite as durable as wood, but they also hurt less when they come crashing down on you! Of course, feel free to substitute any of the play ideas with your own set of nesting blocks. Please see the introductory page here to learn more about the different play levels and which one may be most appropriate for your child. As always, get creative and follow your child’s lead!

Simple play:

  • Drive the vehicles around the floor- this set comes with 6 different vehicles with wheels that spin.
  • Crash the tower of blocks.
  • Nest the blocks into each other by size.

Combination play:

  • Stack the blocks into a tower, park the cars into them, and then crash it down.
  • Stack the cars on top of each other to form a tower and then knock them over. You can also try to drive them as a tower without letting them crash.
  • Do the same sequence but have the cars drive up the side of the tower to get in the upper floor garages.
  • Do the same sequence but substitute in small people or animals for the cars. Pretend to have them climb up the side of the tower to get in their “house.”
  • Line up the blocks into a line by size and have the cars drive down the “ramp” you built.
  • Build a road with magnet tiles and have the car follow the road into the garage.

Symbolic play:

  • Use the blocks to build a pretend town. The blocks can be a garage on the bottom level and a house on top. You can connect each one with roads built from magnet tiles or masking tape. Include other toys from your collection like people and animal figures and alternate forms of transportation like a school bus or firetruck. Set up a park, swimming pool, school, or grocery store using other play sets, empty boxes/Tupperware, or your own imagination!