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For Parents

Mr. Potato Head

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This classic toy seems to be found in every household! He is silly and goofy, and provides endless combinations of silly faces. Some ways we play with Mr. Potato Head are not so obvious though, and we wanted to share them with you! Included in the italics are example words and sentences to use while playing.

As always, check out our introductory toy page here for general ideas for how to best engage with toys and your toddler!

Simple Play:

  • Roll Mr. Potato Head across the floor back and forth to each other – this only works if he is a naked potato! (He’s rolling.)

Combination Play:

  • Push and pull the pieces into Mr. Potato Head. They don’t have to make a face, let your child take the lead! (Nose. Eyes. Hand. You pulled it out.)
  • Open the back and put pieces in and out. (It’s open. The hat is in. The ear came out.)
  • Put pieces in the back, close the door, shake him up and dump them out! (It’s full. We’re shaking Mr. Potato. It’s loud. The pieces came out.)
  • Play peek-a-boo with Mr. Potato Head! Hide him under a blanket or pieces of furniture and have him pop out. (He’s hiding! He’s under the blanket)
  • Make Mr. Potato Head sneeze and have his parts fly off. This always elicits big laughs and become a fun game! Grab some tissues and make a routine out of it where he sneezes and his parts fly off, the child wipes his nose and puts the pieces back together. (Achoo! He sneezed. His nose fell off!)

Symbolic Play:

  • Get out some utensils and feed Mr. Potato Head a snack. (A fork. Cupcake. He’s eating.)
  • You can pretend that Mr. Potato Head gets hurt when one of his body parts fall off and play “doctor.” You can use masking or painter’s tape as a band aid. (Mr. Potato Head got hurt. A band-aid. The band-aid it’s his arm.)
  • Hide one of Mr. Potato head’s body parts and have him find it. It will be difficult to see without his eyes, or hard to walk without his feet! Make this as silly as your child wants!
  • Make a pool or bath out of a Tupperware container or bowl and have Mr. Potato Head take a swim. Don’t forget to grab a washcloth to use as a towel when Mr. Potato Head is ready to dry off! (Water. He’s swimming. He got wet. You’re drying him. He’s dry!)