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For Parents

Magnet Tiles

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Magnet tiles takes playing with blocks to a whole new level! The magnets allow younger players or those with less developed fine motor skills to play successfully with blocks, while allowing older, more advanced players to build complex structures that stay together.

Please see the introductory page here to learn more about the different play levels and which one may be most appropriate for your child. As always, get creative and follow your child’s lead!

Simple play:

  • Stack pieces vertically.
  • Put pieces together horizontally (like a road or a path).
  • Pull stacked pieces apart.

Combination play:

  • Build a tower.
  • Build a box.
  • Crash the tower and start again.
  • Build a car (some of the sets come with a platform with wheels).

Beginning imaginary play:

  • Build a road and drive cars over the road.
  • Build a garage to park cars.
  • Build a house for play people.
  • Build a corral for animals.
  • Build a fence around a house.
  • Build a tower and put play people inside.
  • Make a tunnel for cars to drive through.
  • Build a rocket ship and have it blast off into the air!

Advanced play:

  • Pretend to have a birthday party, and use tiles to make boxes with “gifts” inside.
  • Use tiles to make an oven to pretend to cook food.
  • Use tiles to build a road from one play set to another. For example, have people walk along the road to get from their dollhouse to the playground.
  • Build a school and put some pretend students inside. You can pretend to have the students take the bus there, go inside to learn, and come out to play!