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For Parents

Laundry Bin

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Sometimes the best toys are everyday objects in your home. Who knew toddlers could find an empty laundry bin so exciting?

Simple play:

  • Drop toys into the bin. Hint: This activity can be a great substitution for kids that like to throw toys around the room.
  • Sit your child in the bin and cover them with balls or other toys. Have them pop out and scare you!
  • Sit them in the bin and sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” while you tip the bucket back and forth.
  • Sit your child in the bin and give them a push so they slide down the hall.
  • Turn the bin upside-down, put your child underneath, and play “peek a boo.” Then put the bucket over your head and you take turns popping out.

Combination play:

  • Turn the bin on its side and practice soccer skills by kicking toys into the “net.”
  • Drop toys into the bin, shake them around, or toss them up in the air and catch them again, and then dump them out.
  • Place the bin upside-down and have animals or cars climb over it like a big hill.

Imaginary play:

  • Pretend the bin is a car and have your child drive somewhere. Remember to model all the little steps like pretending to open the door, putting on a pretend seat belt, starting the car, and honking the horn. You can also add in a modified game of red light/ green light where the child has to pretend to stop the car every time you call out a “red light!”
  • Pretend the bin is a boat and your child is going on a fishing trip. You can give them a wooden spoon as a paddle and use a colander as a net. You can even start with an art project where you cut out toy fish and have your child decorate them so they have something to catch on their trip!