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For Parents

Cookie Set

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This cookie set, which includes cookies with detachable icing, a cookie tray, an oven mitt and utensils, is great toy for your toddler that will grow with him or her from simple play combinations to fully developed pretend play. This toy can easily be used on its own, but is also a great addition to a play kitchen set. A variety of play ideas for different stages of players are listed below, in addition to some ideas for language to use at each play level.

Combination play:

  • Take cookies out of the tube and put them on the pan. (Cookie. Pan.)
  • Take cookies off the pan and put them back into the tube. (It’s off. It’s in.)
  • Start with the icing off the cookies and then push icing onto each cookie. (It’s on.)
  • Pull the icing off of each cookie and drop the icing into the tube or another container. (The icing is off. You dropped it in.)
  • Use the knife to cut the icing off of each cookie, then drop the icing into the tube or another container. (Knife. You cut the cookie. The icing is off.)
  • Use the spatula to scoop cookies off of the pan. (The cookie came off.)
  • Stack the cookies and then cut them apart with the knife. After cutting the cookies apart, you cut put them on the cookie pan one by one. (It’s a big stack of cookies. We’re cutting them. They’re on the pan.)

Pre- Symbolic:

  • Pretend to eat the cookies and the icing. (We’re eating. The cookie is yummy!)
  • Pretend to feed the cookies to a play partner or stuffed animal. (The bear is eating the cookie. He’s hungry.)
  • Once the cookies are on the pan, put the pan into a play oven or cardboard box to cook. (They’re in the oven. The cookies are baking. Be careful, they’re hot!)
  • Serve cookies and a group of friends or dolls/stuffed animals. (The dolls are hungry. The cookie is on her plate. Her plate is empty. She ate the cookie!)
  • If you happen to have the hippo toy, feed the cookies and icing to the hippo. The pieces fit perfectly into his mouth. (He’s eating. The cookies are in his belly.)


  • Get a bowl and spoon and pretend to mix up the ingredients to make cookies, once you reach the step of putting the cookies on the pan, substitute the toy cookies and bake in pretend oven. Pretend that the cookies are hot coming out of the oven and use the oven mitt.
  • Serve milk and cookies at a party for a group of friends or dolls/stuffed animals, give each person a cup and plate (can be pretend or real) then serve milk and cookies.
  • Pretend to be a baker and sell cookies to play partners or dolls/animals, or be a customer at a bakery and pick out cookies and pay for them.