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For Parents


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Some toys and household items may contain choking hazards. Please be sure to check each product’s cautionary statements and age recommendations and do not leave your child unsupervised.

Our kiddos love cars, and we love finding new ways to play with them! This track building set goes beyond just building roads though – the possibilities seem endless!  The smaller pieces make them easy to hold and snap together, and creates a more flexible, bendable structure.

Please see the introductory page here to learn more about the different play levels and which one may be most appropriate for your child. Included in italics are great sentences to use while playing.

Simple Play:

  • Push the pieces together. (Track. We pushed it together.)
  • Pull the pieces apart. (You pulled it. It came off.)
  • Push enough pieces to make a snake and slide it around the room while someone chases it. (It’s a snake. The snake is chasing you.)
  • Build a circle and take it on and off your little one’s head to create a silly game. (It’s a hat. The hat is on. The hat is off.)
  • Drive the cars around or put batteries in and watch them go. (The car is going fast!)

Combination Play:

  • Build a road for cars to drive on. (We made a road for the cars.)
  • Drive cars up and down the ramp. (The car is up. It came down.)
  • Drive cars over and under the bridge. (The car is under. The car is going over the bridge.)
  • Create a bigger bridge by taping both end of a strip of track to two tables. Roll cars and balls across the bridge and have them drive under the bridge.
  • Slide little people or animals down the ramp or bridge. (The girl is on top. She’s sliding down.)
  • Create a bigger ramp by attach a long strip of track to a table with tape. Roll cars and balls down the ramp. (It’s a ramp. The ramp is long. The ball is rolling down.)
  • Build a ramp that ends in a bucket or container so you can dump the balls or cars out at the end. (The car went in the bucket. It came out.)

Imaginary Play:

  • Build a corral for animals or a fence around a toy house. (It’s a fence. The horses are inside.)
  • Build a road and create a little city with houses and little people. (The girl is walking on the road. She’s going to the store.)
  • Make objects you can wear, such as necklaces, belts, and crowns. Pretend you are going to a fancy party and get dressed up!