News and Events

News and Events

The EIRG presents at the Symposium on Research in Child Language Disorders

The Early Intervention Research Group presented their research at the 39th annual Symposium on Research in Child Language Disorders (SRCLD) in Madison, WI.

Bailey Sone Charvat (RA) presented her work titled Listening in: Comparing Parent Language in LENA Recordings to Parent-Child Play-Based Interactions Across Populations about LENA recordings, which is a technology used to record young children’s language.

Bailey Sone Charvat (RA)

The EIRG also had a series of poster presentations given by various members of the lab (click on the links below to find out more about their work).

Semantic Development in Young Children with Language Delays: Effects of a Parent-Implemented Language Intervention

Philip Curtis (PhD Student)


Acoustic and Gestural Highlighting in Maternal Speech Directed at Infants with Hearing Loss

Yael Stern (PhD Student) & Katie Zanzinger (Interventionist and Assessor)


Differences in Parental Electrodermal Activity (EDA) in Response to Directed and Non-Directed Child Communication

Maranda Jones (RA)


Listening In: Comparing Measures of Child Language across Multiple Populations

Alex Abowd (RA)