Our Team

Natalie Goldman
Master’s Student



Natalie is a master’s student in Northwestern’s Speech, Language, and Learning program. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2018 with a BA in Linguistics and a minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences. Following graduation, she spent two years working at a healthcare investment group focused on medical treatments and technologies before coming to Northwestern for her degree in speech-language pathology. She is an associate board member of the Foundation for Hearing and Speech Resources in Chicago, IL and has volunteered with Child’s Voice in Wooddale, IL, Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis, MO, and the Thirty Million Words Project at the University of Chicago. Natalie is passionate about working with and improving outcomes for children with hearing loss and their families. In her free time, Natalie enjoys swimming, baking, and spending time with friends and family.


Favorite children’s book: The Going-to-Bed Book by Sandra Boynton

Favorite childhood toy: Polly Pocket

Favorite childhood snack: Goldfish crackers


Pronouns: she/her