For Parents

For Parents

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

We, the members of the EIRG, are committed to speaking out and taking action against the unjust, devastating hatred and violence that the Black community has suffered from for more than 400 years. We are committed to creating a research environment that is safe, supportive, and inclusive for our staff, research partners, and BIPOC families.

We recognize that systemic racism, oppression, and bias result in discrimination against Black children and families. We know these racist dynamics will inevitably replicate in our work unless we are committed to challenging and unlearning racism. We believe that Black Lives Matter and that we must do our part to educate ourselves and hold each other accountable in this work.

Words are not enough. We must take action. We are starting with the following:

  1. Developing a shared vocabulary and knowledge base by individually reading seminal anti-racist literature.
  2. Creating intentional spaces for team members to examine and discuss the ways in which racism presents in our internal and external research and clinical practices.
  3. Writing anti-racist guidelines that are used to change the way we teach, mentor, and support BIPOC families and students.
  4. Engaging in larger discourse with EI clinicians around implementing changes to current clinical practice and public policy.

We know these actions are only the beginning of a lifelong process. We know we have to start somewhere and we are committed to learning and growing in our ongoing fight for racial justice.