Communication Intervention for Toddlers with Hearing Loss

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This project focuses on improving language outcomes for children with hearing loss.

You could be eligible if:
  1. Your child is less than 19 months old
  2. Your child has hearing loss in both ears
  3. Your child uses a hearing device in both ears
  4. Your child has a primary caregiver who understands spoken English
You could:
  1. Receive up to $950 for your family’s time over the 24-month study
  2. Participate in activities occur over video calls during a time that is convenient for you
  3. Learn how to support your child’s growth and development
  4. Receive an iPad (and potentially cellular service) during your participation

This project has been reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (STU00208785) with Dr. Megan Roberts as the Principal Investigator.

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