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News and Events

Congratulations to Dr. Megan Roberts!

Dr. Megan Roberts has been awarded the Early Career Contributions in Research Award by the American Speech Hearing Association (ASHA).

The Award for Early Career Contributions in Research is designed to acknowledge significant scientific accomplishments by individuals beyond the dissertation and within five years of receiving their doctoral degree or other terminal degree.

“A translational scientist, Megan Roberts identified knowledge gaps when working as a clinician and has become a leader in treatment efficacy studies. Her federal grants fund investigations into the importance of parent and family involvement in treating children, how to individualize treatment for each child and family, and how to best do so while generating evidence for best practices. This research is providing a strong evidence base for including parent-implemented interventions in the treatment of children with language impairment (ASHA Leader, November 2015).”

Congratulations, Megan!