Our Team

Frank Van Santen, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

Frank Van Santen, PhD is an Illinois licensed clinical psychologist and learning disabilities specialist who has worked with children, adolescents, and adults for over twenty-five years. His initial career goal was to work with the FBI to profile serial killers, but while he was teaching in several prisons (as the instructor, not an inmate), he learned about the incredibly high percentage of incarcerated individuals who had significant learning and communication deficits. As a result, he redirected his career goals and has worked to help individuals with problems related to learning and communication ever since. Frank was honored to be asked to be part of the RTW team because he was looking forward to learning from the expertise of the other members of the team and because this project may be able to help thousands of families get the services they need in an expedited manner. In his free time, Frank has been getting used to the move from Chicago to New Hampshire. This has included learning how to chop firewood, dealing with bears, bobcats, and fisher cats who roam the area, and keeping his streak of not using his car horn since he moved to New England alive.