Our Team

Elizabeth Lidov, MA, CCC-SLP
Assessor and Coordinator


Elizabeth Lidov is a licensed speech-language pathologist with an additional certification in child yoga. She earned her master’s degree in speech-language pathology from Eastern Michigan University and a bachelor’s of science in communication sciences and disorders from Emerson College. As a sibling of an older brother with language based learning disabilities and social-emotional challenges, watching her mother navigate the therapy world inspired her passion of becoming a communication specialist and child yoga therapist. Elizabeth has previously worked in Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago as a speech-language pathologist serving children with ASD and other developmental delays. She’s most excited about applying what she learns in the lab directly to the field to support families foster healthy parent-child relationships through play. In her free time you’ll find Elizabeth practicing yoga, experimenting in her kitchen, and playing golf (weather permitting).

Favorite children’s book: The Giving Tree

Favorite childhood toy: Beanie Babies

Favorite childhood snack: Dunk-A-Roos

Pronouns: she/her