Our Team

Aura Harris, BA
Recruitment Coordinator


Aura Harris graduated from Nevada State College with a BA in speech-language pathology and is enrolled in the MS-SLL program at Northwestern University. She previously worked for Northwestern University as an operations coordinator for the COVID-19 testing program and has worked with children as an early literacy interventionist and tutor. As someone passionate about language and learning, she is thrilled to be a part of the EIRG team and help facilitate research that is beneficial to children, families, and the field of speech-language pathology. Being from a multicultural background, she is particularly interested in working with culturally and linguistically diverse groups. Aura lives with two cats named Moonshine and Boots who are also passionate about speech-language pathology.

Favorite children’s book: Porcupine’s Pajama Party
Favorite childhood toy: Game Boy Pocket
Favorite childhood snack: Fruit By The Foot (tie-dye flavored)

Pronouns: she/her