Our Team

Amanda Hobson, BS, DT
Interventionist and Assessor


Amanda is an interventionist for the Early Intervention Research Group.  After graduating from the University of Dayton with her degree in Early Childhood Education, she spent several years teaching third grade before getting the opportunity to spend a year working as a teacher at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.  Driven by her enjoyment of working so in depth with families of little ones and as part of a multidisciplinary team, she spent the next few years working on getting the additional credentials needed to become a Developmental Therapist.  Amanda works as an interventionist on our research grants, and as the developmental therapist on the team at the DDP.  She feels honored to be part of such amazing research and to work on teams full of brilliant folks passionate about the futures of little humans everywhere!

Favorite children’s book: But No Elephants
Favorite childhood toy: Barbie dolls
Favorite childhood snack: fruit snacks

Pronouns: she/her