Parent Language Intervention for Autism

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This project focuses on parent training for families with children between 18 and 48 months old who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

This project examines: (a) specific parent characteristics that influence outcomes of two different parent-mediated language interventions and (b) the effects of a naturalistic early play and communication intervention on child social communication skills.

You could be eligible if:

  • Your child has an autism diagnosis or is showing signs of autism
  • Your child is not speaking in full sentences yet
  • Your child is 18 to 48 months old
  • Biological mother willing to participate in parent-training
  • English is the primary language your child hears
  • You live in the Chicagoland area

You could receive:

  • Parent training on language support strategies for your child
  • Therapy sessions in your home
  • Comprehensive language assessments over 5 months
  • Compensation for your time

This project has been reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (STU00201708) with Dr. Megan Roberts as the Principal Investigator.

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